Solder Paste Application Methods

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Through hole paste reflow with solder brick to increase metal content on large holes or thick boards


As solder paste volume is critical to successful PIHR. The stencil technology and the design rules are a critical factor to consider when implementing this process. Often, engineers focus on what thickness and aperture size to use for their application. However, successful implementation starts at the design stage by looking at correct component selection; component body design is a key factor in the printing process.

Solder preforms have been used in the industry for many years and in a correctly defined process they, too, can produce reliable through hole solder joints. The most common application for preforms in ‘80-‘90s was through hole assembly for the telecommunications industry with the wide application of backplanes and wire wrap connectors. In the last couple of years, individual solder preform bricks have been used in combination with solder paste to increase the solder volume in thicker PCBs or where design engineers did not want to correct hole sizes.

Topics will include:
Solder alloy
- Flux type
- Solder volume
- Adding solder volume
- Solder preforms